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Mike Massey's World of Trick Shots

By Mike Massey and Phil Capelle

Table of Contents

1 Hustler’s Specials
2 Three for the Price of One
3 Prop Shots
4 Crowd Pleasers
5 Great Escapes & Gamewinners
6 Mystery Shots
7 Curve Balls
8 Lots of Balls In Action
9 Multi Rail Masterpieces
10 Stroke Shots
11 Bank Shots
12 Jump Shots
13 Masses
14 Mike’s Favorite Creations
15 Pure Skill Shots
16 Mike’s Famous Finger Pool
17 You’re the Star
18Trick Shot Listmania
19 Mike’s Poolography

The Experts on Mike Massey

"Mike is simply the best at what he does. He is captivating, knowledgeable, and mind-boggling to watch. We can all learn something from this phenom.”
Chef Anton, 2-Time United States Trick Shot Champion

“Mike Massey is the best showman in the billiard business today. His talent and expertise is not even close to being equaled by anyone else.”
Mike Zuglan, Joss Northeast 9-Ball Tour

“Mike is simply the best at what he does.”
Allison Fisher, 4 time WPA World 9-Ball Champion

“I’ve seen Mike’s show over 50 times and I always look forward to his next performance.”
Gerda Hofstatter, WPA World 9-Ball Champion

“Mike Massey has teamed up with prolific billiard author Phil Capelle to bring you everything you ever wanted to know about trick shots.”
Sheri Richardson, Chalk & Cue Magazine

“If you enjoy reading interesting stories about pool around the world; if you want to improve your pool game by improving the quality and quantity of your stroke, then get this book.”
Mark Whiteside, Professor Q Ball

“If you’ve ever hankered to try a trick shot for your own amusement, if you want to become a professional trick shot entertainer or belong anywhere in between, I couldn’t recommend a book more highly that this one.”
Tom Shaw, Pool & Billiard Magazine

“In addition to being a wonderful human being, Mike is so skilled that he rarely needs a second chance to make his most difficult trick shots
Pat Fleming, Accu-Stats Video Productions

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