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Cuetec Thunderbolt cue

This is a Cuetec Thunderbolt cue. The forearm is natural maple. There are four long highly detailed points inset with gold. There are smaller points between these. The designs on the forearm are done in black, white, and reflective silver. The butt sleeve has a matching intricate design featuring the same colors. The Thunderbolt cues come with a special shaft. Unlike a graphite or fiberglass-coated Cuetec shaft, the Thunderbolt is maple. What makes it different from any other shaft on the market is the unique graphite truss rod that has been put into the center of the shaft. This rod prevents the shaft from warping, but drives harder with less deflection. The shaft is also able to have a very long (20 inch!) taper because of the added strength of the graphite truss rod. This pool stick features black and white Irish linen wraps and a stainless steel joint. Cuetec cues are known for their durability and quality. Superior balance and a professional taper add to the quality hit enjoyed by professionals such as Earl Strickland and Allison Fisher. It has a 13mm layered pigskin tip. Joint protectors are included.

CT396X - List Price: $299.99, Your Price: $239.99
























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