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The Fury DL-7 is a 58" custom pool cue with selected white maple shaft, 13mm fibre ferrule, Le Pro tip, stainless steel True-Loc joint with joint protectors, and a black butt plate. There are pecan-stained wood points around the butt sleeve of the cue, trimmed with ivory and metallic silver accents. Within each point lies a solitary ivory diamond. The point edging flairs at the tip and is finished with a small ivory kite. Spaced between these points are pairs of opposing metallic silver crescents, bracketed at the top and bottom with ivory kites. The butt sleeve is set off with silver rings on either side. The cue features double-pressed Irish linen wraps, in black with white specks. The forearm, also set off with silver rings, has five pecan points, edged in silver and ivory, capped with ivory kites. The points are separated with silver crescent pairs and ivory kites as in the butt sleeve. There are also silver rings on either side of the joint. Note that this artwork is done with overlays and is not true inlays like the other Fury series. However, we dare you to tell the difference!

DL7 - List Price: $150.00, Your Price: $120.00
























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